Oyster 85Vision
Satellite Systems | Oyster 85Vision

The Oyster Vision is available with either a 65cm or an 85cm satellite dish so depending on the space constraints of your vehicle and your proposed travelling plans, you can choose the option you prefer. It can be fitted in less than a day to the roof of any leisure vehicle or boat, with the product guaranteed for 3 years it is the ideal addition for worry-free and comfortable travelling.

As long as there is signal the oyster will find it within minutes. No need to don your compass and sat finder, just make yourself a cup of tea! Using LEM (Last Elevation Memory) it will remember the elevation from the last time it was used and go back to it next time it is switched on, making the satellite search process quicker.

At only 18Kg it is designed to fit onto any caravan or motorhome and in the stowed position it will only add 200mm to your vehicle height.


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