CAMOS Dome 40cm Motion
Satellite Systems | Camos Dome 40cm Motion

If you want to watch TV, even when your vehicle is moving, here’s the equipment you need. The sat-dome is compact in size, light in weight, reliable in operation and incredibly easy to operate and install: there’s just one co-ax cable to run. Even if the in-motion facility isn’t needed, the system’s simplicity, neatness, low power-consumption and ease of installation and use make it an attractive alternative to conventional dish systems.

The system can be used with or without a SKY digibox (some kind of receiver must be used).

The greater size of the dish in this system means that it is more suitable than D3101 when in areas close to the edge of a satellite’s footprint. It will pick up all popular U.K. TV & radio programmes over all of the British Isles, France, Holland & Belgium and well into Germany, Switzerland, Austria, North-West Italy and North-East Spain down as far as Barcelona.


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