CAMOS Crank Up Twin LNB Plus
Satellite Systems | Camos Crank Up Twin LNB Plus

This new satellite system from CAMOS represents a real breakthrough. Instead of a conventional dish, the it uses a planar antenna to catch a satellite’s beam. This is a very efficient method and enables the “dish” to be much smaller, taking up less room on a vehicle’s (or boat’s) roof and making it easier both to install and use. In the case of this model, the antenna measures 56.5cm across but has a performance similar to a dish of 65cm diameter. And, when it’s in the parked position, the unit’s height is just 12cm.

As well as being small in size, this Camos system has the additional advantage of being light in weight. At just 6.5 Kgs, it’s almost half the weight of other crank-up systems.

The antenna’s design makes it much more resistant to wind than a normal dish, allowing it to be used in conditions where other systems would have to be lowered for safety. Having a twin LNB enables the functionality of Sky+ or other similar satellite receivers so that two channels can be watched at the same time.

As with the Crystop automatic versions, this dish is a lot more tolerant in terms of adjustment than most conventional dishes. Although, obviously, they need to be pointed at the satellite, the angle of adjustment is less critical. After a bit of practise, setting the system up should take under a minute.

The dish is controlled from inside the vehicle using a ceiling-mounted cranking handle.

We recommend this unit if you are travelling to Spain, Germany, Italy or Eastern Europe.


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