Satellite FAQ’s

What is the difference between dome satellite systems and folding-dish satellite systems?
Dome systems have a satellite dish enclosed in a dome, while folding dishes systems are open to the elements. For this reason the dome has an advantage if the wind is high, whereas the clam-shell systems can suffer damage if care is not taken.

Do I need to have a Sky subscription?
You don’t need a Sky subscription. A Sky digibox can be used without a viewing card to watch BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Film 4, More 4, E4 along with many more. The only channels you won’t receive are Channel 5, and the Sky channels. There are also Free-to-Air (FTA) satellite digiboxes, which you can use to see all BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Film 4, More 4, E4 along with many more.

Can I get High Definition (HD) channels in my vehicle?
Yes. You need a HD ready TV and a HD ready digibox connected with a HDMI cable. You can use a Sky HD digibox, or now you can use a HD ready Freesat digibox, costing around £200.

Can I watch UK TV in Europe and where?
The bigger the satellite dish, the further from the UK you can watch UK TV channels. From the Astra 2 satellite a 40cm dish will enable UK TV in the UK, a 50cm dish enables France to Bordeaux/Lyon and Holland; 65cm dish South of France and Germany and an 85cm dish to Barcelona/Madrid in Spain and North of Rome in Italy.
If you can’t receive Astra2 Northern beam you can swap to Astra 2 Southern beam however, there are limited channels available.

What is the difference between Freeview and Freesat?
Freeview works from a terrestrial signal, received via an aerial and requires a freeview set-top box; Freesat is a service introduced by BBC and ITV to give a digital satellite TV service without any monthly subscription, received via a satellite dish that requires a Freesat digibox. The freesat channels are from the same satellite as the Sky channels.

Which satellite should I be pointing to for UK channels?

For most UK channels or if using a Sky or Freesat digibox you need to point at Astra 2 satellite found at 28.2 E.

Will I be able to fit the systems myself?
Yes provided that you are a reasonably confident and capable DIY’er.

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