Crystop Autosat 2S Specifications
Satellite Systems | Crystop Autosat 2S

Operating voltage:


Dish type:

Off-set oval dish

Dish size:


L.N.B. type:

Universal (suitable for digital and analogue transmissions)

Mounting method:

Fixes to roof with Sikaflex and / or screws

Dish colour:


Search method:

Uses satellite search controller which can be mounted in any convenient place.

Search controller dimensions:

20cm x 6.5cm x 15cm. Control panel measures 120mm x 75mm x 25mm

Typical search time – after first use:

Less than one minute

Satellite search options: (available satellites will vary according to geographical location)

Astra 2, Eurobird, Astra 1, Hotbird, Atlantic Bird, Hispasat, Thor

Receiver options:

Can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY receivers

Remote control:


Weight of dish & motor:

19 Kgs

Current consumption during search:

Approx. 3 Amps

Current consumption when in use and search completed:

Approx. 0 Amps

Other features:


Dish height when down:

19 cms

Space required for operation of dish:

Refer to additional image: A = 1013mm, B = 800mm, C = 415mm, D = 450mm


3 years


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